Evangelical Radio Host Rallies Fans, Rouses Debate

Steve Deace is known for controversial radio commentaries, which weave religion into politics. His show touches on issues popular among evangelical voters, who have played an important role in Iowa politics and in the caucus.

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Multimedia: Living Positive in Iowa

Around 2,000 Iowans are HIV positive, and many feel an intense stigma living in a state where relatively few people have the virus. Three HIV positive Iowans share their stories and their opinions about Iowa Code 709 – “Criminal Transmission of HIV.”

Corn Ethanol May Heighten Food Scarcity for World’s Poor

Ethanol production in the United States may contribute to shrinking food stocks and rising food prices, experts warn. Following the food crisis of 2008, experts say the increasing dedication of crops to fuel may lead to future malnutrition and starvation around the globe.