World War I: Iowa Woman Received Recognition For Service As Nurse

“I shudder to think what the economic condition of the country and of all other countries involved will be when this awful war is over.”

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Alice Beatle wrote to friends and family in Iowa from her post in Budapest, Hungary, in December 1914. And while Beatle expressed alarm about economic effects of war, her immediate concern was for treatment of the wounded soldiers under her care.

Sidebar: Fast Food Restaurants Drive Drop In Antibiotic Use In Chickens

In recent years, major chicken companies, such as Perdue Farms and Tyson, and fast food restaurants, such as Chik-Fil-A and McDonald’s, have gone antibiotic-free, which largely explains why antimicrobial sales in the chicken industry are significantly lower than those of cattle and swine. Dr. Chris Rademacher, a swine extension veterinarian at Iowa State University, said it is easier for the chicken industry to go antibiotic-free because broiler chickens have shorter lifespans. The longer an animal is alive, the more an animal risks becoming ill and needing antibiotics. “In the broiler industry, where chickens are hatched and born … those lifespans are usually within the period of six to seven weeks.