• Roger M

    I’m glad this article was published, but I would like to see even more information about just how the federal and state money makes its way into actual housing. Where are all the local builders. I have read several other newspaper articles across the state noting projects going to large out-of-state developers. What is the reason for that trend? I don’t think it’s any surprise to find some of the people interviewed are realtors. Again, from the reading I’ve done, I’ve noticed many of the people serving on the economic development boards to stand to personally gain from these government aid transactions, whether as realtors or bankers. Not to say that is an entirely bad thing, but it does leave room for some question. One of the closing comments about only 5% of young people being willing to return to Iowa is an opinion and not a fact. I think perhaps, one of the truer statements was that the larger cities outbid small town jobs in that, yes, they pay more.