• Athena

    What on earth gives you the idea that someone will not re-offend because they are on some government list? In one state or across several?

    • FRegistryTerrorists

      I don’t think the author believes that Registries are effective. See the part where she started, “Tellingly, Registries do nothing …”.

      The Registries are not needed and do nothing significantly beneficial. But they have caused widespread, grave damage to America. They are truly idiotic social policy that no actual American can support. But much like some other things, we’ve allowed criminal politicians to dupe the vast majority of people who are living in the U.S. who are stupid and gullible. We’ve allowed them to grow Nanny Big Government even bigger with even more stupid, illegal, and useless “laws”.

  • FRegistryTerrorists

    If all of this is true then this Smith guy has done some truly terrible things that deserved lengthy and ever increasing jail sentences. But as with everyone, it was and is stupid to list him on a SEX Offender Registry (SOR).

    The SORs are truly idiotic social policy. They are not needed and do nothing significantly beneficial. They have gravely damaged America and that damage continues every single day. They do not even slightly hinder crimes and yet they really, really encourage and promote crime. They make the people who are listed on them really want to hurt other people. They kill empathy and compassion. Truly idiotic social policy.

    We also know that the SORs are not really for public safety, protecting children, or any of the rest of the lies that its supporters tell. There are numerous ways that we know that, not the least of which is that Gun Offender Registries were not created well over a decade ago. Nor were any of the 100+ Registries that must exist if the SORs were actually useful.

    Further, the SORs have been abused incessantly. Criminal politicians all over the country pass laws, year after year, to increase the harassment/restrictions/punishment that are linked to being listed on their big government list. Many of those laws have absolutely zero basis in facts or reality. Zero.

    I can understand that an American might think the SORs are acceptable (IF all of the other Registries existed) but there is no way at all that any American can think ANY harassment/restrictions/punishment that are linked to the SORs could be acceptable. No American could ever support that. People who do are really nothing more than harassing terrorists who are committing criminal acts of war. They must be treated as the war criminals that they are.

  • Gwen

    That is horrible what happened to this person. However it does not give society the right to brand all sex offenses and offenders the same. There are many non-violent sex offenses that can and will place a person on our registry such as indecent exposure, boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, sexting, viewing pornography. As disgusting as some of these actions are to some people they are still non-violent and to place all offenders together and label them for life because society feels or thinks it may lead to more severe actions is inappropriate. As a mother I fear more that my children may do something stupid and end up as a sex offender more than I ever feared them being a victim. Wake up and wise up America more laws only makes more law breakers and it could by your family member next. Therapy and rehabilitation for first time offenders is better for society than prison and labeling them for life.

    • Porter

      I may have missed it, but what exactly happened to the author?

      She was made uncomfortable by an older child on the school bus. Yes, too bad, but happens every day of the year. Surely he (the older child) beat the beejeesus out of the author. Then again….

      “I have no memory of him ever laying a hand on me.” Okay…. but!

      “He even called me once at home.” The beast!

      But the clincher is when he gives the author a Xmas card!

      Yes, for all that the author should feel sorry that she missed her chance to get this 16 year old child(!) arrested for a child sex crime, have him put through a trial, spend time incarcerated, attend sex offender “therapy” with real creeps who commit unspeakable crimes and discuss them in great detail, and then be on the list for the rest of his life. All that before high school graduation.

      Opportunity missed, indeed.