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Looking Ahead, With A News Quiz: Importance Of Iowa’s Presidential Precinct Caucuses

Iowa’s voter registration data shows shifts among party affiliations in the months before, during and following the state’s 2008, 2012 and 2016 presidential precinct caucuses. Taking a closer look at registered voter numbers in those caucuses, IowaWatch discovered intriguing trends. Do you have the knowledge to determine some of these changes? Take a look at the IowaWatch database.

USDA Rural Broadband Investment Tops $200 Million In 2018

The USDA has announced plans for a pilot program to bring broadband internet to all of rural America. The plan, which Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue calls a “proof of concept,” will provide $600 million dollars in grants and loans to internet service providers to bring connection to parts of the country that are too remote, underpopulated or expensive to serve. “I absolutely, unequivocally believe that broadband connectivity is part of rural prosperity,” said Perdue in a press conference on Dec. 13. “We don’t want an urban rural divide in this country.