A.G. Sessions: Nationwide Court Injunctions Impede Will Of People

DON’T MISS AN IOWAWATCH STORY.  SUBSCRIBE NOW TO OUR NEWSLETTER. The Trump Administration’s ability to enact the voters’ will is impeded by a continual stream of nationwide court injunctions, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions told a group of federal and state judges, lawyers and other legal experts in Des Moines today. It’s a theme Sessions has pressed for much of this year, saying government “needs to run the table” to enact policies that one judge can delay. “We’re defending the Constitutional structure against nationwide injunctions,” Sessions said in a speech in which he praised U.S. Department of Justice lawyers for working hard and judges who provide good justice, are honest and able and who provide consistency with legal values culled from British traditions dating to when this country consisted of colonies. The nationwide injunctions to which he referred were issued by federal judges in one district but carried weight nationally.