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Iowans Respond to 1892 Russian Famine

“Burlington must not be less charitable and humane than other cities of the state…” Burlington Hawkeye

“The people of Iowa have been blessed with abundant harvest, and the appeal should be generously responded to.” Iowa City Citizen

“Davenport has raised enough Russian relief money to buy two cars of corn. Let us make a better record in Dubuque,” Dubuque Times

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Across the state newspapers encouraged readers to contribute to famine relief efforts for Russia in 1892.

Iowan Almost Missed First U.S. Vote, But Auditor Brought The Voter Back To Cast A Ballot

A new Iowa City voter who recently passed a test to become a U.S. citizen but had not yet participated in a swearing-in ceremony almost lost a chance to vote Tuesday. But County Auditor Travis Weipert tracked the voter down so that the voter could return to the polling place and cast a ballot. “I’m one of those who, I want you to vote if you’re a U.S. citizen,” Weipert said Tuesday night. The voter, at the IC22 precinct at Shimek Elementary School in Johnson County, was questioned about being eligible to vote when registering at the precinct. One of the first questions when registering asks if the person registering is a U.S. citizen.