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Court docs: Riverlife investor owes $559K in Iowa civil case

A judgment for $559,335 filed in Iowa against a development partner in the Wausau Riverlife Village project has been transferred to Wisconsin, according to court documents. The decision, recorded March 20 in Iowa and transferred June 7 to Walworth County, Wis., names Michael D. Frantz and Frantz Ventures, LLC, as defendants. Spring Haven, LLC, an organization in Iowa, is listed as the creditor attempting to collect the debt, which has not yet been satisfied. Under the state’s Uniform Enforcement Of Foreign Judgments Act, a judgment from another state is generally enforceable in Wisconsin. The filing is the latest in a series of financial struggles for the partner in Riverlife Village, even as city officials are actively seeking new partners for the highly anticipated development along the city’s east riverfront.

Under The Gun: A Report On Gun Violence At Schools

Journalism students at Buena Vista University who ordinarily report on the university’s KBVU radio took their questions about why gun violence continues in schools, and how to stop it, to several Iowans.