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In Spite Of Wipe-out In Iowa, Early Twentieth Century Journalist Proves Women Just As Gritty As Men

“The west certainly surpassed all my expectations, and Iowa is great,” Cy Woodman claimed after traveling from New York to Iowa on a Flanders 4 motorcycle in October 1912. Ethel “Cy” Woodman had ridden cross country to follow through on a dare. The
freelance journalist had been at the New York City Press Club one day when a fellow journalist dared her to ride a motorcycle from New York to San Francisco. The dare came after Woodman boasted that women were just as “gritty” as men. Iowa History, a weekly column, appears at IowaWatch on Saturdays.

Early Twentieth Century Iowa Librarian Moonlights as Journalist

The oldest blacksmith shop in Nashua

The largest private collection of geological specimens in America

An Iowa native who photographed glamorous stars

A Memorial Day parade in New York City

All topics of articles written by Belle Caldwell, Charles City librarian and part-time features writer. Earning a degree in library science from the University of Illinois in 1908, Caldwell, a native of Nashua, began an impressive career as a public librarian. Her feature articles carried in the Des Moines Register, Marble Rock Journal, Nashua Reporter and a national magazine, Musical America, brought Caldwell attention outside the library. Iowa History, a weekly column, appears at IowaWatch on Saturdays. Cheryl Mullenbach is the author of non-fiction books for young people.